Tuesday, February 15, 2011

intrinsic element of short story

1. Themes

is the main idea that animates a story.

2. Flow / plot

is renretan story / running a story. there are 3, ie forward, backward, and mixed.

-phase flow: introduction, emerging conflict, tension or climax, conflict reduction, or anti-climax, resolution.

3. setting / background

is a picture of the place and time in the story.

4. Disposition

is the image character / nature of these characters in the story. Depiction of character / figure there are 2:

- Analytical / Direct: a direct writers mention a prominent character.

-Dramatik/Tidak straight: The author reveals character through the character's way of thinking and feeling, for example: how to dress, speech, residence, physical characteristics, and response to another character.

5. Point of view / perspective

is the image position of the author in the story. the various points of view: I's, and he's.

6. Atmosphere

is a picture of a growing mood in the story.

7. Mandate

is the message / advice which the authors convey to the reader.

8. Language style

is a figure of speech or style of language usage in the story.